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"For years I have recommended what I commonly refer to as 'the greatest math book ever written . . . maybe the best book ever written'. Of course I am talking about - How to Enjoy Calculus - and I am hoping I can acquire another copy. You see, I am a professor of mathematics education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and in my typical generosity and trust, I loaned my only copy (one purchased about ten years ago when I was a high school math teacher) to a student. Unfortunately, this student apparently liked the book so much that he never returned it. When I tried to replace it, I was disappointed to find it out of print. I would greatly appreciate the chance to purchase another copy from you. Thanks."
-- Elliott Ostler

"I must say that I think it would be helpful to students who have had difficulty with mathematics and who do not have a good teacher....."
-- Linus Pauling, the only twice awarded Nobel Prize Winner.

"I had to write you to tell how much I enjoyed your book ‘How To Enjoy Calculus’. I have a new understanding, and I’ll never be the same again. I recommend it to all my friends. Your book has given me more understanding and enjoyment than any single book on any subject I’ve ever read. You are a gifted teacher and writer with a singular talent to simplify and communicate complex material. If you have written any other books I would like to buy a copy. Please advise."
-- Edward Szydlik, Plymouth MN

"Enclosed is a personal check...I purchased my existing copy at the University of Alaska Bookstore. I’ve even kissed the author’s face on the back cover a few times. Eli S. Pine is clarity incarnate."
-- Calvin Lumpkin, Kotzebue AK (The author is blushing but pleased and has said "Aw shucks" in true Cary Cooper tradition.)

"I was a real math "wiz". (I even got the highest grade attainable in my sixth grade NYC-wide public school math tests.) Then came calculus. And just as you said in your book, it stopped me dead in my tracks. No one ever could explain to me why we wanted to get close to something and never get there…until I read your book, and now DO enjoy calculus…it is quite wonderful to finally feel that I understand something I never had before...thank you for your book"
-- Kenn Zappulla, Union City CA

"I was lost in our class, my friend loaned me his copy. It is fantastic. I never thought I’d understand the frigging ‘fence-cost’ problems, but now I do".
-- Nancy Luere, Grand Junction CO

"A Professor friend loaned me the marvelous slim volume by Eli S. Pine, ‘‘How To Enjoy Calculus’’– an oxymoron if I ever heard one! I am hereby purchasing a new copy."
-- Gail Baker, Houston TX

"I bought your book a few years ago and have had a great time since then (re) learning calculus. I must have read 50 books on the subject since then (which I would not have had I not read your book first) and enjoyed it all. Thanks for printing such a useful and delightful book."
-- Huey Dugas, Lafayette LA

"‘How To Enjoy Calculus’ is very informative because it cuts through a lot of the mystery and gets to the basic understanding….. The author, Dr. Eli S. Pine, has made Calculus an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable subject"
-- Gerald Rice, Oak Park IL

"I am writing to tell you how I immensely enjoyed your book ‘HOW TO ENJOY CALCULUS’. I only completed algebra in college, but with the help of your book have easily advanced into higher mathematics…. Can you refer me to any books that utilize an approach similar to yours, where the concepts are explained in down-to-earth layman terms…?"
-- Clyde Burdette jr., Madison Heights MI ("Good Luck", by the author)

"The book is a very readable mathematical text. Eli Pine has taken all the mystery out of Calculus. In a very matter-of-fact way he has explained not only the rudiments of the differential and integral Calculus but has also impressed upon the reader the beauty of this important mathematical tool and suggested a variety of practical applications. Included are the few exercises with worked solutions. This book is invaluable for anyone who has missed the real meaning of calculus as a result of the rigorous mathematics normally associated with this topic."
-- Inner London Education Authority - ILEA Contact - Sept. 77

"The Best Book Ever...easily better than the celebrated Calculus Made Easy."
-- Martin Gardner-Prolific an eminent mathematics writer for Scientific America Magazine.

"This book illustrates why Professor Pine is an outstanding teacher. It can do much to alleviate student difficulties". Howard Eves, Eminent mathematician and Educator. "Students were in our Advanced Calculus course at Columbia University (N.Y.C.) from all over the world. We were scared out of our wits at the competition. We soon found out that we were the only students that really understood what was going on."
-- Two of Professor Pine's classroom students.

"After teaching High School for all those years I had forgotten how I loved Math. This book brought back my love of Math."
-- Honey Lillien, New York City Teacher.

"If every subject could be taught like this one has in this book, then there would be no limit to what a person could learn."
-- Engineer Thomas Pleasant, Connecticut.

"I would like to express my appreciation of your book How To Enjoy Calculus. I consider it a treasure and a source of inspiration.....please accept a sincere direct stroke for your invaluable work."
-- Harold J. McBride, M.D., River Grove, Illinois

"I have enjoyed and understood it very much. It has been informative because it cuts through a lot of mystery and gets to the basic understanding of the subject."
-- Gerald Rice, Oak Park, Illinois.

"I am constantly asked for recommendations regarding studying for this course. Your book was a tremendous aide to me in my preparation for and completion of the Calculus prerequisite. Thank you."
-- Beth Mallon, Chief Graduate Advisor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.

"......I thought I understood what I was doing. It was a real joy to be taken by the hand and led through the reasoning - now I am beginning to understand what I was doing. Many thanks...."
-- Dr. Richard Ribner, New York City, New York.

...”What is the price? The book is highly recommended in “Overcoming Math Anxiety” by Sheila Tobias” (Provost of Wesleyan University) Allan Miettunen, Aberdeen WA

...”your book is selling extremely well…we are sold out…” A. James, Dillon’s University Bookshop, London UK.

...”I failed Calculus. I now actually understand it and got a “B” grade. Your approach is easier to understand than any textbook I ever read. I want to thank you for taking the time to write such an excellent book to help people like myself who were almost ready to give up” Theresa Buonauto, Centerreach NY

“Calculus made me a printer. At Brooklyn College I got an 8% on the final at Calculus. I was supposed to be a chemist. I got A’s in chemistry, Political Science, History, and an “F” in Calculus. The course should have been a breeze for me….it was the scourge of the school.” Walter Heitner, Brooklyn NY (The book HOW TO ENJOY CALCULUS was written too late for him).

...“P.S. Your book is the greatest.” R. Deutsch, NY NY

“My wife says your calculus book is the first one on that subject she’s been able to follow and she’s pretty sharp in all subjects but math….she had a lousy teacher throughout High School..” Robert Scott, Vernon CT

“I have recently discovered through a friend the very excellent book HOW TO ENJOY CALCULUS by Dr. Eli Pine”…. Please send me a copy…..James Porter, Pasadena CA

“...This is an excellent book. I must have it in my collection.” B. Rinker, Modesto CA

“This book of yours is a superb number to be treasured by those who have it…. I have found very few really useful maths books over the years that can actually teach the subject… Perhaps that is one reason why your book is such a gem it is complete in itself and ideal for the distance learner…. The Open University should recommend this book to their people too. I am just so pleased that you are all out there creating your wonderful publications that allow us students to learn at home and not even go to class at all…. Many thanks for your splendid tome.”
Regards Howard R Gray, Barrister at Law (U.K.)

BOOK REVIEW FROM AMERICAN MENSA MAGAZINE - June 2007 |M| HOW TO ENJOY CALCULUS by Eli S. Pine (2001, 158 pp., graphs, formulas, instructions, pb.; publ. Eli Pine, Secaucus NJ 07094, ISBN 0-917208-02-1). One would naturally think that claiming you can 'enjoy' calculus ranks right up there with 'the check is in the mail' And not only enjoy it, but understand it for the first time as well - and all in as little as a week! Describing calculus (which he prefers to call 'slope-finding') as 'the foremost intellectual achievement of the human mind' Eli, who spent years as a professor of math at Long Island University, has gotten many letters from readers who report they're actually starting to enjoy the subject. One fan, a math professor at the University of Nebraska, went so far as to deem it 'the greatest math book ever written.' In fact, the book has become so popular that it has sold for as much as $80 on the Internet, but check out www.enjoycalculus.com for a much more reasonable price.

"Send 2 additional books, that way should I lend out a book and not get back, I still will have a backup book. I thank you ever so much for your kindness and for writing the book,,, It may take me a little time to get through the materials as I am considered blind, with a small amount of usable vision in one eye left. But I still make good use of it."
-- Joan Gibson, Bisbee AZ

"I teach Calculus…..and I love doing it…saw your book reviewed in the June '08 Mensa Bulletin.."
--David Lawson, Allentown PA

"I have recommended your superb little book to many students, I tutor Chemistry."
--Dan Baker, Clifton NJ

"I wish I had known about your ideas and style fifty years ago. They would have made a significant difference in my own career as a teacher."
--Forrest Miller, Redlands CA

"I thought you might like to know - this book comes highly recommended by my father, in fact one of these books (ordered) will replace his missing copy."
--Dave Beauchamp, Folsom CA

"I learned of your book the Mensa Bulletin of June 2007",
--M. Gregory, Tampa FL

"I am trying to teach myself Calculus and your book, HOW TO ENJOY CALCULUS, has been invaluable",
--Diane Crawford, Oil City PA

"Dear Dr. Pine, My son is a first year Engineering student at the University of Louisville Speed Scientific School. Your book has been recommended by another graduate of the Speed School, and he is looking forward to reading it...",
--Erin Heine, Louisville KY

"This (your DVD's and book) are for my son who will be embarking on the journey into Calculus this Fall. I thought to give him my copy but I had read the cover off... Your presentation... is clear and unambiguous... may my son's teacher be equally so gifted."
--Michael Villela, San Diego CA

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