Enjoy Calculus
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The past and present methods for teaching Calculus are now obsolete. There is a new way of learning Calculus. Professor Pine has discovered and invented a unique and wonderful way of learning this subject. Why not understand it, take pleasure in Calculus, instead of rote memorization? Tens of thousands of grateful students have learned Calculus and who never would have understood and passed their courses but for this exceptional teacher. Even non-students, professionals of every discipline, doctors, engineers, etc., or just plain curious people, have spoken to and written to the author expressing their joy, pleasure, even relief, at finally understanding this once mysterious subject. Students have call him "e pluribus unim" (one of a kind) compared to author Isaac Asimov, The Calculus Doctor, with the capacity to make simple what was complicated. Linus Pauling, the only double Nobel Prize winner, has commented on it, and the Inner London Educational Authority in typical British understatement says "this book is indispensable for all those who want to learn Calculus but who have missed the real meaning of Calculus as a result of the rigorous mathematics normally associated with this topic". The book How To Enjoy Calculus does it finally. Yes, it is very possible to understand and Enjoy Calculus.